A place where people at all different levels of fitness can get together to support and encourage each other by sharing experiences, tips, secrets, and to exhibit your hard earned results to get through this difficult journey of improving our biggest most profitable investment of our lives….our bodies!!

Each person has a different body structure and lifestyle. From working 12 hour days 7 days a week at the plants to being a single parent raising multiple children. Use this page as a tool to find members with similar lifestyles for workout partners and advice on training, supplements, and nutrition to help each other to reach our goals.

The Mission of the group is to gain our full potential in fitness by busting our ass and doing whatever it takes to commit and devote our lifestyle year round and to overcome any obstacle by uniting our knowledge, assistance, and motivation of all members to gain control of total FITNESS DOMINATION within ourselves!

Kenney G
Fitness Domination
(832) 287-3198


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